Diamond Brothers travel everywhere to buy your diamonds.

Selling your personal diamonds or diamond jewellery is not always an easy choice as there might be an emotional factor or family feeling behind it. There can be a lot of reasons why you want to sell your diamonds: too high value which brings too much risk; you are ready for a change due to fashion reasons; you prefer to use the money elsewhere its is time to profit from the investment you made years ago.


At Diamond Brothers we will estimate your today’s market value and pay direct.
Feel free to contact us by mail and a phone call with a personal touch.
We buy your diamonds at the right price!


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Assuring the best value for your stones.

Travelling everywhere to buy & sell diamonds

We can travel any time, anywhere.

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Working with diamonds for over 30 years.

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Professional valuation of all your goods.

We buy diamonds and diamond jewellery

Any diamond or diamond jewel. Only polished stones.

We value your diamonds.
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  • IGI International Gemological Institute
  • HRD Hoge Raad van Diamant
  • GIA Gemological Institute Of America
  • AGS American Gem Society
  • LD Gems bvba Antwerp