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In 2014, Diamond Brothers was founded by LD Gems; it solely involved the purchasing of diamonds. The staff includes employees with extensive knowledge in diamonds and corporate experience due to forty years of cumulative experience in the company’s valuation team. In the upcoming years, Diamond Brothers is targeting growth in the recycling sector of the diamond industry as the increase in day-to-day use of recycled diamonds has greatly affected this market.

LD Gems BVBA was established as a family business forty years ago. As a teenager, Dipesh Shah was trained by his father, Lalit Shah, who passed on his expertise in gemology and particularly, in diamonds. Together, they started trading in 1996. From then on, it wasn’t long before the company took off to become a multi-million-dollar business of buying and selling diamonds.

Diamond Brothers have buyers operating across the world. In general, the aim is to purchase certified and non-certified diamonds including old cuts, semi-cuts, broken stones, diamond parcels with small stones (melee), and diamonds removed from jewelry. Larger stones without certificates can be certified through the company without any charges. In the case of stock liquidation or bankruptcy, the company is experienced at making a valuation of the stones to get the best price. Diamond Brothers never deals with conflict diamonds.


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