A variety of diamonds




Diamonds that have not been certified by a grading laboratory. Whether you are looking to sell a small or large diamond in average or excellent condition, we are happy to value your stones. We started buying loose diamonds in 1996, and our expertise has grown immensely since then.



Graded by a gem laboratory such as GIA, HRD, IGI, etc. based on their 4C’s. A certificate is an unbiased analysis of the stone’s quality, allowing the seller to have confidence in its value. Certificates allow us to expedite the process of the appraisal and give you our best offer sooner.



Small diamonds up to 0.2 carats in size. We buy recycled melee, surplus to requirements melee from a wide variety of businesses including pawnbrokers, jewellers, refiners, and manufacturers.



European vintage diamonds that are cut antiquely in the early 1900s. Antique jewellery contain old diamond cuts, called Old European Cut or Old Mine Cut, relative to today’s modern Round Brilliant cut.



Diamonds extracted from rings, earrings, bracelets and/or necklaces. As a core value, Diamond Brothers ensures to be fully transparent in all our evaluations, by explaining the grading report.



Miscellaneous diamonds that need to be liquidated. We buy 30,000+ carats of parcels every month from Europe, the USA, and Asia. If you are interested in selling a parcel, contact us for further assistance.

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25+ years of experience

” I had been carrying around my family heirlooms for decades. Thanks to Diamond
Brothers, I finally received monetary value for the stones. Through their free
appraisal, I gained great value from my 10 Ct diamonds. It was a great
experience doing business with such a pleasant team. “

Claire Dumont, Valued client

” I regularly receive rings after divorces, Diamond Brothers always saves me by
providing me the true value of the diamonds. Great people to work with! “

Maria Palacios, Valued Client

” I inherited some stones from my late grandfather. Unfamiliar with diamonds, I
found Diamond Brothers, and have been in touch with them ever since they bought
my stones. Lovely people. “

Edgar Jones, Valued Client

” I was really impressed when Diamond Brothers came to my pawn shop in my remote
little hometown just to offer an appraisal. I was even happier when I received
my payment within 2 business days. I look forward to doing more business with
you guys. “

Robert Piloski, Valued Client