Founded by LD Gems in Antwerp, Belgium, Diamond Brothers buy diamond jewellery across Europe. They gained trust through their valued relationships with clients and became a reputed online diamond buyer. With over 25 years of experience, Diamond Brothers buy both certified and non-certified diamonds like old-cuts, broken stones, semi-cuts, small stones, and more.

Sell Diamond Jewelry is easy with Diamond Brothers, one of Europe’s most trusted buyers of diamonds and jewellery. Our HRD-trained experts evaluate your goods and propose a fair quote. Due to a lack of accurate information available in the market, it is difficult to sell jewellery. As a core value, Diamond Brothers ensures to be fully transparent in all our valuations. We explain grading reports for each stone for the knowledge of the seller. To increase transparency in the market, our experts explain the resale value before you agree on a price.

If you are looking to sell your jewellery, fill out the following form, and be as detailed as possible for an accurate valuation. Try to provide a photo of your diamond jewellery, a grading report and/or a previous appraisal. We will then send you an estimated opening offer. Separately, you can also schedule an in-person meeting at your office, or in Antwerp.

What Do We Purchase?

 Diamond Brothers deal in a variety of diamonds like:



We buy the center stone of wedding & engagement rings, ranging from platinum to gold, 2mm to 8mm in width. In valuing a multi-stone jewel, our experts grade each diamond individually for a more accurate price.



We buy certified and non-certified jewellery including necklaces. For the most accurate estimation, please provide the carat weight, color, cut and clarity grade. This can be shown through any previous grading reports.




We are experienced in buying pendants. For the most accurate estimation, please provide the carat weight, color, cut and clarity grade. This can be shown through any previous grading reports.



We buy studs and hoops. Upon examination of the goods, we offer you a price based on the current state of the second-hand market. Diamond Brothers ensures to be fully transparent in all our valuations.



We have extensive experience in buying tennis bracelets, as well as other types of bracelets. Diamond Brothers ensures to be fully transparent in all our valuations.



Antique jewellery contains old diamond cuts, called Old European Cut or Old Mine Cut, relative to today’s modern Round Brilliant cut. Diamond Brothers has the expertise in estimating ancient and modern jewellery.

Why sell diamond jewelry with Diamond brothers?

If you want to sell diamond jewellery, Diamond Brothers can offer the best price. With professional and experienced staff, we aim to maximize your benefits while you sell jewellery online.

  • Sell Diamond Ring Online:

    With our years of experience, you can rely upon us to get the best quote while selling your diamond ring online. Fill the form here to get an estimated price offer. We ensure a transparent process and offer a fair appraisal. If you agree on the initial price, we offer free insured FedEx pick-up. Alternatively, our representatives frequently travel across Europe and you can schedule a meeting in your hometown, or we can provide a travel package to visit us in Antwerp, Belgium.

  • Get the best price For Diamond Jewelry:

    Rest assured to get the best price while selling diamond jewellery online with Diamond Brothers. Our team of professional gemologists appraise diamonds accurately and offers the best price. We ensure a transparent process by explaining the grading report.

  • Most trusted buyer of your diamond jewellery:

    Established in 1996, Diamond Brothers is a reliable and trustworthy brand today. We offer credible valuation, transparent process, free and insured shipping and prompt payments. Our dedication and customer service has made us one of the most trusted jewellery buyers and sellers online.

  • Secure your privacy:

    Diamond Brothers have partnered with FedEx for an insured shipment. We have been shipping diamonds for years, ensuring safe, fast, and secure methods. You can schedule a drop-off or pick-up at your location. Additionally, we offer free delivery packaging with all the shipping instructions you might require. Even after shipment, you are at the liberty to either accept or decline the offer. There is never any obligation to sell diamond jewellery. At Diamond brothers you are our priority.

  • Quick and easy purchase:

    If you accept the final price offer, the payment is immediately initiated and takes 3-5 business days to be credited to your account.

How to Reach Diamond Brothers?

To get in touch with Diamond Brothers, you can email at [email protected] or call at +32 488 41 32 29. You can also fill out the contact form here to get an appraisal for your diamonds.

What Do Our Happy Customers Say About Us?

We offer a free evaluation, free shipping and even after shipment, there is no pressure to sell your diamond. Too good to be true?
Here is what our happy customers say about us:

“I am not a diamond expert. Buying and selling diamonds was always a daunting task for me. But when I contacted Diamond Brothers to sell my Diamond earrings online, they educated me well about the process and explained how they appraised my earrings. I got the best price and made an informed decision.”

“Rest assured with their knowledgeable and experienced staff. I fixed a meeting with a Diamond Brothers representative in my office to get an appraisal. He explained the quality of my diamond, the market trends and justified the price offered. After accepting the proposal, I received the payment within three days. I never thought selling diamonds online was so easy.”

“Credible and customer-centric approach.”


Do diamonds Jewelry have resale value?

While selling diamond jewellery, you can lose around 25% to 50% of its worth. Its resale value is also based on the market trend and thus fluctuates.