How to sell diamonds to Diamond Brothers

Diamond Brothers with its professional and experienced team all over Europe gives a simple, quick and reliable service to diamond business wishing to maximize the benefits of the customers and also their diamond stock. We buy from jewellery manufacturers, retailers, pawnbrokers and private persons. Further we sell these diamonds to industry and jewellery manufacturers in Asia trying to maximize the value of these goods.

Schedule a Virtual Appraisal

If you are looking to sell your diamonds, and would like an initial appraisal, we can schedule a virtual appointment. After the complimentary valuation, if you choose to sell your diamonds, we can meet in-person or arrange a FedEx pickup.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are looking to sell your diamonds, and would like to meet in-person, one of our sales representatives will fly to your office for a free valuation of your goods. Diamond Brothers regularly travels across Europe and we can arrange to meet you in your hometown, or provide you a full travel package to visit us in Antwerp, Belgium.

There are two possibilities to sell your diamonds to Diamond Brothers

Option 1. - Via secure courier (FedEx)

We have been operating this secure postal method for over two years. Just pack your diamonds and print out the free and fully insured shipping label which will be emailed to you after requesting a pickup. Once we receive these goods, our expert team of professionals will value them and propose an opening offer. When agreed on the price we transfer you the money by the next day.

Option 2- Via buyer appointment

We have our sales team all over Europe which will be more than happy to arrange an appointment at your office or desired location to conduct personal estimation of your stock. We can arrange a mutually suitable appointment to discuss your particular circumstances and requirements. At the meeting we can directly make an offer for the diamonds and if the price is agreed upon we can wire the amount directly. Call us on +32 488 413 229 to talk to our sales team today.

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