If you’re about to buy a diamond ring for your engagement, it should be perfect, just like your love. And, we completely understand that finding an ideal engagement ring may be stressful.

Many couples or individuals do look at different local stores to find their perfect ring; sometimes it does become a challenging job.

For several reasons, many individuals are turning to online diamond retailers for buying their engagement rings. These online retailers offer several benefits, including:

  • Online diamond retailers make finding the perfect diamond engagement ring a breeze.
  • Online diamond retailers can offer more quality services due to decreased costs.
  • Online buying is preferable since a sales associate cannot influence your selection.

Indeed, if you want to buy an engagement ring online, choose a reputable digital jeweler. 

In this blog, we will help you pick the perfect ring for the special day. We have mentioned some reputed sources below, and categorized them based on customer feedback and pricing.

With that said, here are the seven best sites to buy engagement rings on the web:

Seven best Places to Best Places to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings: Top Rated Online Diamond Retailers in 2021 

  1. Zales:

Since 1924, Zales has offered beautiful jewelry and wedding rings to suit every taste and budget. Zales understands that while love cannot be priced, there are limits to how much one may spend on an engagement diamond.

A wide range of styles is available, from Vera Wang Love to Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry to Marilyn Monroe. 

Impressive specs:

To learn more about engagement rings and their settings, check out Zales’ online “Engagement Ring Education” course (according to Zales, “care” is a crucial fifth “Z” in addition to cut, carat, color, and clarity). A 24/7/365 concierge service lets customers ask inquiries and inquire about financing options before purchasing the ring of their dreams.

  1. ETSY:

Etsy is the one of the sources where you can be sure to find unique and unusual engagement rings. Wedding and engagement rings have a specific area on the site, so you’re sure to discover something that strikes your eye and fits your budget. You’ll find everything from retro morganite rings and traditional oval solitaire rings to pre-owned designs that are rich in history.

  1. Catbird:

Catbird is perfect for a delicate, unique, vintage-inspired, or handcrafted engagement ring. Catbird has separate catalogs: Swans, Fairy Lights, Snow Queens, and Classic Band. At Catbird, you may find Jennie Kwon, Polly Wales, Sofia Zakia, Wwake, and other smaller jewelers. Catbird’s wedding and engagement rings are lovely. Catbird’s rings are very affordable, usually costing under $3,500.

Impressive specs:

If you live in New York City, explore the lower Manhattan or Brooklyn boutiques or the Wedding Annex in Williamsburg.

  1. Vrai:

Conflict-free diamonds are made in California with no mining or carbon footprint. Aside from their dedication to sustainability, Vrai creates stunning wedding bands for the modern bride.

We like Vrai’s traditional and unique rings. Such is “The Hover” ring with its stunning floating diamond. Preparation rings from Vrai. They are 0.75ct to 1.5ct gold or platinum.

Impressive specs:

Every wedding ring comes with a lifetime guarantee and free ring resizing.

  1. Kataoka:

Kataoka made Emma Stone’s brilliant pearl engagement ring. Kataoka’s creations are for ancestral engagement rings. Check out their unique stone combos like pearls with green emeralds and gemstones or a misty blue sapphire with diamonds.

Impressive specs:

Its small rings stack neatly. Consider a complementing ring or one of Kataoka’s stunning aquamarine or tourmaline creations.

  1. Jared:

With 274 stores across 41 states, you’ve probably seen a Jared store. Surprising to many, Jared has developed an online shopping experience as uncomplicated as viewing one of their stores.

Jared has an endless assortment of engagement rings from Vera Wang, Neil Lane, Tacori, and Forevermark. Vintage-inspired marquise rings and rose gold three-stone rings. You can create your wedding ring online with Jared, from diamond cut to engraving.

Impressive specs:

Because searching for an engagement ring isn’t always as simple as it seems, Jared offers online specialists available to answer questions and guide you through the process.

  1. Ritani:

A fantastic range of price-sensitive designs makes Ritani’s engagement rings a great value. By categorizing their rings by setting, Ritani makes it very easy to find their designs. Assort your jewelry collection with anything from solitaires and three-stone designs to antique stunners and tiny side stone rings. In addition to pricing, you may also filter by center stone form, metal kind, side stone, and delivery date if you’re in a hurry.

Impressive specs:

Ritani also offers the option to create your ring. Begin by picking a loose, ethically produced diamond or a lab-grown diamond, and then design your ring from there, or start with the setting and work your way up. You may create your ideal ring with Rianti’s budget calculator by answering questions about your pricing point, diamond cut, and type. Ritani will produce a ring suggestion for you once you’ve pared down your search criteria.

Why you should consider buying a diamond ring from the top-rated diamond retailer 

  • In most cases, untrustworthy internet sellers do not adhere to their claimed return policies due to the nature of their operations. It’s also possible that they don’t have enough cash on hand to handle significant refunds on schedule. In the best-case situation, a customer would have to wait for several months to receive a refund.
  • Repairing a setting is essential because side stones regularly fall out of mountings. Resizing requirements also arise in the long run. Most tiny internet shops don’t have the resources to provide such a service when you require such a service. This means that taking their “lifetime” warranty seriously isn’t a good idea!
  • A reasonable price and good quality is generally the best strategy. It’s a red flag when the pricing seems too good to be true. Most internet retailers charge a 15 to 25 percent markup on diamonds, and it’s pretty hard to offer more than that, except when there is a severe defect in the diamond itself.
  • Service and warranties that last for a long time shouldn’t be overlooked. A diamond’s ability to be traded is also helpful. If an upgrade is required, the store should be willing to pay a reasonable price for the present diamond,
  • Unknown laboratories or diamonds that have never been graded are sold on several websites and local brick-and-mortar retailers. Diamonds that the GIA or AGS has graded are a requirement. 

Final words

Few jewelers constantly lookout for consumers who are solely concerned with a diamond’s outward beauty and price. Before making a purchase, a buyer should be well-informed on diamond quality and pricing. Finding a diamond that strikes a balance between the seven variables listed above and your budget is the ideal way. 

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