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Diamond Brothers is one of Europe’s most known buyers of diamonds and second-hand jewellery. Our HRD trained experts will evaluate your items and will propose the value to you. Whether you are looking to sell your diamonds, diamond stud earrings, your diamond ring, diamond tennis bracelet or other diamond jewellery, we will make the time to examine your jewellery and give you the best competitive offers depending on the current market prices.

Receive payment in 24 hours or make an appointment for a free valuation. Call +32 488 413 229.

Sell your diamonds or diamond jewellery online to diamond experts. Our team has over 30 years of experience in valuation of jewellery and diamonds.

How to Sell Diamond Jewellery Online?

Selling diamond jewellery online is easy. Choosing to sell to a trustworthy buyer should be simpler and more reliable than selling to your local jeweller. It can take as little as 2 days from start to finish or you can sell instantly by making an appointment at our Antwerp office.

  • Fill in the online diamond form with as much information as possible, including photos of your diamond jewellery, a grading report or a jewellery appraisal.
  • Receive an estimated opening offer by email or phone.
  • You can also send your diamond jewellery via FedEx. We pay the shipping and it will be fully insured or make an appointment with our experts in Antwerp.
  • Obtain your payment within 24 hours via bank transfer or receive a check or cash at the appointment.

Diamond Brothers is an Antwerp based company and we trade across international diamond markets. Because of our expertise we are confident we can offer you the very best price when you selling diamond jewellery. We buy a wide range of diamond items, from solitaire diamond pendants to necklaces and diamond stud earrings to diamond rings.

Wedding & Engagement Rings:

Wedding and engagement rings mostly contain one or more diamonds and the center stone is usually the most valuable stone in the ring. If you have a certificate for the stones, it helps our HRD trained gemologists to give you a more accurate price estimate. We at Diamond Brothers have a lot of experience in dealing with customers selling engagement rings and our valuers have the knowledge needed to determin the resale value of the diamonds.

Diamond Rings:

Diamond rings can have a single stone or more diamonds of different sizes. When valuing a multi stone jewel our experts will grade every diamond individually. By grading each diamond seperately we are able to give a more accurate price. Diamond Brothers makes no assumptions, by measuring each diamond and estimating the weight individually we can pay the best price for each diamond. We buy all types of diamond rings, from platinum to gold, ranging from 2mm in width to 8mm. Many of our customers choose to sell both their engagements ring and wedding band and receive a combined price.

Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants:

Our experts at Diamond Brothers are able to offer you the best prices possible for your jewellery. Any documentation on your goods would be useful but we can also value your jewellery without. We buy pendants, necklaces and earrings of all types.

Diamond Earrings:

We buy diamond stud earrings of all types or diamond hoop earrings. Our specialists will examine your diamond earrings and offer you a price based on the current second hand market. Just fill out our online diamond form to receive a first initial quote.

Diamond Bracelets:

A popular item of jewellery is also the Tennis Bracelet, we buy tennis bracelets at a competitive price.

Diamond Necklaces and Diamond Pendants:

Our HRD diamond experts are trained to value any kind of diamond jewellery. In order to receive an initial valuation for single stone (jewellery), please try to provide us with the carat weight, colour, the cut and clarity grade.

Antique and Vintage Jewellery:

Older jewels mostly contain older diamond cuts compared to today’s Round Brilliant cut. These are called Old European Cut or Old Mine Cut. In the old days these diamonds were cut manually with other diamonds. Nowadays there are new technologies that cut diamonds more precisely. Diamond Brothers has a lot of experience with estimating and buying estate jewellery.

How Much Is My Diamond Jewellery Worth?

To establish how much your diamond jewellery is worth we have the following process:

  • We carefully examine all the diamonds by hand.
  • We evaluate and value the precious metal that you jewel has been made with.
  • By studying global market prices we can give accurate quotes.
  • Our final offer will always be our best offer. We do not low ball customers and then play a negotiation game.

How We Value Diamond Jewellery

At Diamond Brothers, our experts value each component of a piece of jewellery. We will examine every single diamond individually. Every diamond is unique and has a different value. Then we look at the precious metal, because this can be very valuable, the precious metal content of a jewel. Keep in mind that precious metal prices change daily. Therefore we make an offer based on the daily price of the metal. By valueing each piece individually we are able to offer the most accurate price in the market.


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