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About Diamond Brothers

Diamond Brothers was founded by our parent company, LD Gems in Antwerp, Belgium. As a family business, our history began in 1996 when Lalit Shah trained his son Dipesh Shah, about the art and science of grading diamonds. After sharing his expertise on gemology, the two began their journey of success and started trading. From then on, it wasn’t long before the company became a multi-million dollar enterprise, thriving in the heart of Europe.

Our company has grown to become the trusted, qualified and reputable brand it is today as a result of our valued relationships we have built with our clients. Over 40 years, the business has mastered the art of valuing diamonds from around the globe.

We buy certified and non-certified diamonds including old cuts, semi-cuts, broken stones, diamond parcels with small stones (melee), and diamonds removed jewellery. Larger stones without certificates can be certified through Diamond Brothers without additional charges. In unfortunate cases of stock liquidation or bankruptcy, we are experienced in making valuations of stones that surpasses market offerings. We do not deal with conflict diamonds.



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